Our Services

Seasonal Displays 

Window Displays:

Windows have become the soul of the stores and the mirrors of people’s dreams. AVS can provide unique window display concepts that will suit your business needs from a simple but impactful theme to more conceptual format using different techniques such as “storytelling, interactive tools, etc”. The window display is the only tool that can turn a walker to a stopper and a viewer to a shopper.

Franchise Windows Implementation:

AVS experience in windows set up will enable businesses to outsource a team to implement or produce locally franchise windows with the highest standards at a lower cost. AVS team will communicate with your principles and implement the guidelines from start to finish.

Facade Design:

Store And Pop Up Design


Store & Furniture Design:

AVS creates unique store designs to suit your brand identity and maximize the customers experience through custom made furniture that will enhance your products as well as taking into account other commercial aspects such as product floor density. AVS can create any atmosphere that you would like your customers to feel while visiting your store.
Our bespoke furniture service can also be used separately as single piece orders.

Kiosks and pop up designs:

AVS can produce temporary or compact shop fitting designed for pop up displays. AVS will combine for you the right equation between visual impact, branding, display capacity and affordable cost for temporary usage, in order to have the most effective and profitable setup. Pop up's are short-term display aiming for long-lasting impact!

VM Tools Supply:

A  Visual Solution through its various suppliers can supply or produce high quality generic or bespoke Visual display tools (shoes stands, jewelry showcases, hangers, signage ...etc), which will help in enhancing the display and present each product on the right format.

Product Launch Display Units:

AVS can provide bespoke display units in order to “stage” and highlight the benefits and features of any products, essential for new launches.

Props And Set Design


Prop Production

A Visual Solution design and produce Props of any type of event, space, window display props or any displays inside the stores.
Props are the essential elements in creative windows display as they create the main attraction and focal point of the theme.
AVS creates very unique Props of a very high quality that are considered as art pieces in some cases, and always very entertaining.

Decorative props Rental:

AVS offers a unique selection of props based on different themes that can be rented by clients to help them visually enhance any themed parties or events. 

Set design:

AVS provides stage decor and sceneries designs for tv, theatres, and movie shows production. 

Site Artistic Installation (indoor or outdoor)


AVS creates and designs artistic installation in various spaces to enhance a specific building, monument, place or building. We use unique visual creations to give a different and new dimension to the sites we work on, with always the aim of interacting with people’s emotions. 

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