About Us

The Founder:

Amra Alabdalilsharif is the pioneer of Creative Visual Display in Saudi Arabia. Amra did a degree in  Graphic Design followed by Masters in Branding and Identity from the University of the Arts London before launching her creative career working with Harrods as a window display artist intern.

Later Amra developed her experience in fashion retail for five years as a Creative and Marketing Manager at Rubaiyat in KSA, Where she developed a strong visual identity as well as participated in designing their retail stores concepts.

In 2016 Amra founded “a visual solution” offering her experience and knowledge of creative visual solutions to a wider array of retailers and other sectors aiming to develop the customer's experience throughout visual display and installations.  


Photograph by: Wijdan Photography

The Company:

What do we do?

A Visual Solution is a service that uses the science and the art of Visual Display to improve the overall customer experience within a retail space through store activation concepts, creating seasonal displays as well as designing stores and props.
AVS thrives to create the most exiting environment to stage products and to provide an emotional bond between the stores and the customers.

Why do you need us?

AVS propose visual merchandising enhancement via creative windows designs, pop ups design, store concept design as well as props design. We own a large library of decorative props of all sorts as well as store visual display material all available for rent.
We also design and create Artistic installations in diverse places (indoor and outdoor).  Across all the above services our aim is always to create an emotional bond between people and product or places through a uniquely tailored visual experience.

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