What Happens In...Stays In...

We wanted to highlight the 4 fashion cities around the world but differently. We had dedicated each window of Rubaiyat Department store to Paris, New York, London and Milan.

We highlighted each of those cities by one of its famous bridges, the selection of bridges as main element was due how we think they define the cities’ characters, by the way they are designed and how people mingle around them. For each background we also used a very identitfied out scenery of each city, we have avoided the typical city monuments, so for Paris we created a lock love wall which we used 3360 Locks to cover this walls. Actual people from Jeddah came to sign their names there.

New York had the Grafitti back wall which what you see the most in Soho neighborhood against the brick wall, then there is nothing that describes London more than a rainy outdoor weather, Milan for that specific bridge which is located in the river where all artist gather and display their paintings, we had paint splashes using different colours all over the wall. All bridges are made of wood and we chose not to paint them, first to unify the looks, second to give a chance for the mannequins and merchandise to pop out.

Seasonal Displays

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