These windows were designed for Rubaiyat Mens formal Wear store in Jeddah for the spring summer season. The scheme was pantone and the idea was to have each window designed with a dominant colour and with a complete different set up. The very first left window was showing an industrial feel with the effect of cracked paints on the wall revealing a layer of deep orange and turquoise colours underneath. a seated mannequin facing a mirror was placed at the center of this window, together with some carwash props.

The next window was focusing on the shades of green and teal background combined with French molding, a green grass armchair was also added with chess game props. Next was the marble electric blue effect back wall window with music props. Then the long window saw red wall paper and contemporary paintings being placed on the backwall. Finally the last window was decorated with a vibrant yellow brick wall effect painting in front of which old style post boxes painted in bold colours were hanged at different levels. It was very challenging to use that much of props and colours in a formal wear store, but the result was achieved by having the focus pointed out separately to each window, yet the entire façade remained still harmonious as a whole from the street distance.

Seasonal Displays

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